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Azienda Agricola San Ferdinando
Via Gargaiolo, 33 Loc.Ciggiano 52041
Civitella in Valdichiana Arezzo (AR)
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San Ferdinando is a project for the cultivation of indigenous grapes, traditional vines linked to our area. San Ferdinando’s estate spreads over than 60 hectares in the heart of Tuscany, in the wonderful area of Val di Chiana where the tradition of oil and wine pro- duction has been rooted from centuries. The Grifoni’s family, original of this area, inspired by the passion and by the respect for this land, re-planted vineyards covering an area more of 10 hectares, at an altitude of 300 mt. and more, respecting the traditions of the old farm established since the middle of last century, and recovering the old grape varieties. A modern half hidden basement has been incorporated into the structure to host the wine cellar.

The Vineyard

We choosed to plant indigenous grapes varieties like Ciliegiolo, Sangiovese, Pugnitello, Vermentino. Most of the vineyard activities, are rigorously hand made, while tractors are used to cut and for treatments that follow the principles of biological pest control. All operations that are part of the productive cycle of the wine is carried out by trained and qualified company workers, with a great respect for the environment and nature. Weedkil- lers and insecticidals are completely banned, while is frequent recourse to sowing grass me- adows, green manure, “letamazioni”. The grapes are always manually picked and selected by a selection table to bring the best grapes in the cellar.

The Cellar

The cellar lies in the heart of the estate very close to the vineyards. We choseed to re- alize an efficient, modern and technological wine cellar using high quality materials in order to respect the environment. The vinification area is composed by truncated conical vats and stainless steel tanks used for vinification and fermentation. The bar- rique cellar is used for maturation and is composed by french oak cask and French oak barrel. Bottle aging takes place in another cellar room that is close to the barrique area. Sulphites are minimized while clarifying agents and other additives are unplanned.

The Wine

Since the beginning of our production we decided to focus on indigenous grapes varie- ties, and consequently to produce a fresh, acid and typical Vermentino, two Ciliegiolo (uno rosé), fresh and lively, vinified and aged in stainless steel, ready for drinking; a Chianti (Il Gargaiolo, takes its name from the river nearly the vineyards) light, round, fragrant; a Chianti called Podere Gamba almost 100% Sangiovese grapes with a small amount of Pugnitello grapes; a Sangiovese from a selection of the best grapes aged in large oak casks and to complete the range of wines, a Pugnitello aged in oak barrels (the most important peculiarity of the winery), in the market only in the best vintages.

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  • Vermentino
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    Rosato Ciliegiolo
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    Chianti il Gargaiolo
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    Chianti Podere Gamba
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Azienda Agricola San Ferdinando
Via Gargaiolo, 33 Loc.Ciggiano 52041
Civitella in Valdichiana Arezzo (AR)
Tel.+39.0575.440355 - Fax +39.0575.440307
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P.I 01700300518 - GPS: 43.369115 - 11.713877