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Synonyms: Ciliegino. Nothing in common withl’Aleatico-Ciliegiolo di Lucca, e l’Aleatico Spagna. Ciliegiolo di Spagna Berry color: red Vigor: excellent Sprouting: first decade of April Flowering: last decade of May, before June Maturation: second fortnight of September (in our area)
Productivity: very abundant and constant, with long pruning methods Cultivation area: initially cultivated only in central Italy, it subsequently spread throughout the national territory. In Tuscany, Umbria and in the Pesaro area it is often used in blends with Sangiovese History: uncertain origin, even if it seems arrived in Tuscany from Spain.

Ampelographic characteristics:

Leaf: pentagonal, medium or large, three-lobed or five-lobed, with a wide U-shaped sinziolar sinus (open), superior lateral sinuses with overlapping edges; lower lateral sinuses, when present, with overlapping edges or with a narrow V; flap, rather thick, smooth or slightly wavy; plane lobes; angle at the top of the acute terminal lobes, but

sometimes almost straight; top page glabrous of green bottle colour, bright and with green veins; lower page arachnoid of sea green or light green with light green main ribs; ribs of 1 ° -2 ° -3 ° order, protruding; side teeth small and quite pronounced, irregular or with straight or convex margins; wide base but sometimes also very narrow.

Cluster: large (length 20-30 cm) of semi-compact or compact appearance; elongated, cylindrical, winged, pyramidal (with one or, more often, two wings); visible peduncle, herbaceous or semi-woody, thick. Grape: medium-large (transverse diameter 12-20 cm) rounded or subrotondo of regular shape; small, partly persistent navel; very pruinose peel, of medium-thick purple black color; juicy pulp with a neutral flavor; short pedicels of green color; clear look, green; medium-short brush.

Wine characteristics: Ciliegiolo provides sweet cherry and soft flavors, but also a sufficient attitude to be aged. It has a beautiful ruby color with bright purple veins, of good alcohol content, with complex and fine perfumes and a full-bodied structured palate. Generally young wines to drink thanks to the low acidity, which makes them soft, but also manages to age when the producers request their wine even more intense and complex aromas, of excellent workmanship, where the fruity notes of cherry develop to present with hints of undergrowth, touches of plums and morello cherries and even berries in jams.


  • Vermentino
  • Rosato Ciliegiolo
    Rosato Ciliegiolo
  • Ciliegiolo
  • Chianti il Gargaiolo
    Chianti il Gargaiolo
  • Chianti Podere Gamba
    Chianti Podere Gamba
  • Pugnitello
  • Sangiovese

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Azienda Agricola San Ferdinando
Via Gargaiolo, 33 Loc.Ciggiano 52041
Civitella in Valdichiana Arezzo (AR)
Tel.+39.0575.440355 - Fax +39.0575.440307
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P.I 01700300518 - GPS: 43.369115 - 11.713877